angst911: Hey :) just wanted to tell you that while I support your "courage" to speak your mind, it's actually cowardly hating people just for their race. Wow! Big surprise, huh? It's sort of really depressing that you're too ignorant to see the hypocrisy in your words. Being racist against AN ENTIRE RACE because you believe their racist is fucking stupid. I've met ignorant, fucked up, and rude people of every race. I guess the difference between us is I'm not stupid enough to generalize :)






They’re* oops. Anyone want to go to this guy’s never ending pity party?

uhhhh being white isn’t a race it’s actually just a really bigoted nationality that consists of Caucasians. being Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, etc is a race being “white” is not a race

Oh my fuck shut the hell up, it’s just as offensive as saying Asian or black and grouping people that way. So sorry I used the incorrect term pussy bitch

 i didn’t know you’d get that angry and hurt jeez, I apologize for that. I could argue with you but I don’t think you’re changing my mind nor will I change yours. My point is, you can voice your opinion on the internet but if someone corrects you and if you pick an argument with someone and react incredibly immature it doesn’t  show well of yourself. Calling someone a pussy bitch and telling them to shut up doesn’t do you any good.


Tanya Dziahileva at Hussein Chalayan Fall 2009, Detail
Anonymous: Is this blog supposed to be funny and/or offensive to Iggy?


It’s an art blog.




subconsciousflow said: i had to google what fauvism is thank u for this new knowledge. Idk i’d rock a fauvism look but i also love ugly clothes, in art i have no idea it can be cool if done well??? different strokes for different folks man

tru man, fauvism is kinda a bold colorful and denser impressionist inspired style (and im already not a huge fan of impressionism) i kinda tend to lean towards organized color palettes, not as harsh brush strokes, and more defined subjects (as far as painting/traditional art goes)

everyone has their preferences basically. also i think u would like fauvism cause a lot more than i do cause the colors are for a reaction of the viewer rather than pure aesthetic etc etc 

fauvism is nasty i aint got time for bold ugly ass color palettes 

im tired of all da bullshit


マルタンマルジェラ 貴重シガレットショルダー 黒
cigarette shoulder holster • martin margiela198,800円

Łukasz Surowiec, Poczekalnia (The Waiting Room), Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland, 2013




I want to apologize on behalf of all white people everywhere, I’m so so sorry and I swear some of us are trying to not suck. And I’m not trying to be like “not all white people” because that statement refers to a majority and I am just saying as an individual that I’m really sorry that so many of us suck

No. You have nothing to apologise for, and you do not owe these SJWs a fucking thing. Be proud of who you are.

i dont know which is funnier


Straight white girls on Tumblr making fun of straight white boys are the ironies I live for in life.